All Falls Down

Guess who graduated from high school the other day. Oddly, I don’t feel a gigantic rush of emotions like some people seem to when they go through this. Maybe it’s because I already went through all those emotions one by one over the past few weeks. It’s not like I meant to ration the stuff like that, but I think way too much about certain things. Anyways, I’m pretty happy with what that resulted in: my own head didn’t try to distract me with sentiments during the graduation ceremony. I was lucid and fully in the moment (I didn’t want to use that phrase, but nothing else I can think of really works. Sorry.) throughout the crazy anticipation behind the stage, the speeches, the music, and the pictures and farewells afterwards, and I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to miss any of that.

The senior party went until the morning after, and I couldn’t even hear myself think until the bus ride back to school. I sat cramped in the tiny seat (I swear my seat was at least half a foot closer to the one in front of me than it should have been) and tried to go to sleep in an awkward position, and I remember going through this thought sometime during that. People say that prom is the last time you’ll ever see some classmates, and the same is said about the last day of school and the graduation ceremony. Add this occasion to that list. Yeah, it’s obvious. And chances are, I’ll probably run into many (if not most) of them at some point in the future. But the fact that that was the one faux-poignant thought that ran through my mind (more specifically, in a sleep-deprived and needing-to-go-to-the-bathroom state of mind) in the whole 48 hours of graduation and the day after probably says something. I’m going to miss people.

Now, graduation’s over, and so is the rest of that night. There isn’t anything in particular to miss at the moment. So I’m sort of waiting to see if  there’s anything left that’s going to hit me. So far, no dice! It’s okay, dear unresponsive mind of mine. Let me know if you have anything more to feel about the whole business. Just make sure it’s sometime soon if you’re going to do it at all, because I’m not trying to be thinking about high school graduation when I’m halfway through college.

Back to you, reader, and here’s a little postscript. If you’re like me, you don’t really read the titles of blog posts. Also if you’re like me, I just made you read the title of this post. Finally if you’re like me, you were either reading too fast or were too slow to respond and is justtt about to read the title of this post. Anyways, that title doesn’t directly have to do with the content. If you were wondering, it’s a song by Kanye West. Coincidentally enough, the track right before that is called “Graduation Day”. To be honest, the reason I picked it is because I was thinking of the song “Graduation Day” but didn’t want to use that as the title. But I like to give meaning to things that don’t necessarily have meaning, so I’m going to say that since today is the day after graduation day (because of the senior party I’m counting the last two days as one), the title of this post is that of the track after “Graduation Day” as well. Am I good or what?


3 thoughts on “All Falls Down

  1. I love how you titled your blog as after the track after ‘Graduation Day’ it was a really great idea. I totally understand it. Lol. I really don’t know you but I thought I’d read up(: great job Jung.(:

  2. I feel almost the exact same way except my feelings werent rationed :s They all wooshed upon me at once right as I was behind the curtain.

    But I do like your title, very fitting I must say. Also the title of your blog, completely genius! Only THE Jung Bae could think of something so perfect like when the monty python trio came up with “monty python’s flying circus”. So I tip my hat or a gesture of equal meaning to you sir.

    Ill try to be an avid commenter on your blog :) Ive always wanted to follow a friends blog but alas, no one has stepped up until now. So I cannot wait to see whatever you post since ive always been curious about the mind of Jung :)

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