Confessions of a Blogaholic.

Well. Not really. It’s not like my posts have been all that frequent, or my reading of other blogs all that voracious. I assume the title of blogaholic for myself simply because of the ridiculous amount of writing I’ve been doing recently. Yes, the writing will eventually find its way onto this blog, but that won’t be for some time–possibly not until November or December. Even if I get it done early, I might wait a little to post it. It’s the completion of a large project that I’ve been planning and preparing for a while, way before I decided to start a blog.

I’ve been working on it steadily for the past couple weeks, making myself write at least a few hundred words a day. It’s making me realize how much work writing can be. I know that writing is often a chore, and I’ve been totally worn out more than once before by AP essays and the like. But this is different–it’s writing that I do on my own. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this fatigued by pleasure writing. I’m still enjoying every minute of it, to be sure. The going is steady, I’m having a lot of fun with it, and every finished paragraph is something to be proud of. I’m completely immersed in the process when it’s happening. The only thoughts going through my head are the ones that are being created, contemplated, embellished, and finally translated into words as I write. But the moment I wrap it up, I realize how exhausting the past half-hour or 15 minutes or whatever have been for me.

It must be a good sign. At least I want to think so. If it’s taking this much effort out of me, the results must be something presentable, right? Although the topic of this little project isn’t something that’s going to appeal to everyone–that is, only certain people will find it interesting to read about–my hope is that I can somehow make this an enjoyable read for everyone, regardless of whether they have an interest in the topic or not. Now the only thing I need is for WordPress to not destroy my drafts (one of my pet peeves, although it swears that that will never ever happen) until I’m done with this. However many weeks and immersion-exhaustion sessions that may take.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop writing other posts until December. I’m still going to be blogging regularly (read: whenever I feel like it). If there’s no new post for two weeks, it won’t necessarily mean that I’ve abandoned the blog or that I’m having blogger’s block or that I’m dead. I mean, hopefully it won’t. It’ll most likely be because I’ve been writing myself into a frenzy and need to take a break.

Oh, sorry if the title made you think that this post was going to be more interesting than it turned out to be–I needed some kind of title, I didn’t want to make it boring, and it came out like that. In case you were wondering, I did actually see the film, so I wasn’t pulling a reference without even knowing what it was. In case you weren’t, well… now you know!

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