Skype and Cynicism

They say people write poetry
To evoke meaning expressively
But you and I know that often,
It’s just BS put more elaborately

So I deny myself when I
Take these verses and design,
For someone more than worthy,
A set of rhymes in lines

For someone that I once compared to Anastasia
And with certain ties to Southeast Asia
Someone I appreciate even more when I
Remember how special they are, break out of my amnesia

You developed such a taste in culture and art
You care for the world with a generous heart
You never neglect on improving yourself
Where it counts you have tact, poise, the smarts

This all describes that someone, yes, you
So why am I writing stuff that you already knew?
Because I think that you sometimes forget
Just how amazing you are, through and through

You, I can’t even describe in diction
And this is fact not fiction
Not quite for the first time in years,
But it’s still a true depiction

I know you won’t let life tell you otherwise
Make you feel inadequate with lies
But in case it ever does,
Well, life’s in for a surprise

So clearly I had a lucky break
Friendships, circumstance does not make
The most reassuring things to have in life:
An extraordinary friend to count on,
And a bakery with the essence of soul.

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