The First Noel

As in, the first Christmas this blog has ever seen.

Christmas is something that used to be wildly different for me each year. Maybe it was the wonder of childhood, but when I was little, every year would feel like I’d never experienced the day before. Like everyone else, as I grew older, Christmas started to not hold the same sense of wonder anymore, but I’m glad to have had those few years.

But there’s another thing that Christmas did for me. It would always be a day when I, for some reason, tried to look forward to the future and think about what the next Christmas would be like. Although I wouldn’t lie to you and tell you that this had nothing to do with the acquisition of more gifts, I think little me also had a point (unwittingly). Your future is waiting for you to come grab it, and what better day to realize this than on a jolly time like jour de Noel? “Your next Christmas” has a lot of implications. Where you’ll be, what you’ll be doing, who will be with you, how you will spend it, what will be on your mind–you think about all this when you think of that idea. And I do believe that you will live the next year like you want that to happen, and it will come to pass. The brain is powerful, remember?

You and I are given much this Christmas; hopefully you and I will give much as well. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, live and enjoy the day. If you’re Christian, celebrate the birth of our Lord. But if you can spare a moment amidst all this, take a moment to think about your next Christmas–you never know what might come true.

Here’s a Merry Christmas to you.