Top 100 (Korean) Songs of the Decade: #60~51

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60. Tei – 사랑은… 향기를 남기고 (Love… Left a Scent)
Album: The First Journey
Release: 1-5-2004

As far as successful debuts go, Tei couldn’t have asked for a much better one. “Love… Left a Scent” topped one music countdown show’s main chart for five consecutive weeks, setting a new record that was only ever tied once (the contender was “겁쟁이” (“Coward”) by Buzz, if you were wondering) before that show got shut down. Tei is a phenomenal singer–not necessarily endowed with the most flashy technique, but instead with an interesting husky tone and emotional control. Listeners were introduced to both in this song. The rather difficult modern-ballad melody has Tei doing vocal acrobatics all over, but it still somehow manages to convey that emotion of melancholy yearning. The song is doubly effective in that the satisfaction of the final chorus’ catharsis is matched only by the intensity of the brooding aftertaste it leaves.

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