Veni, Vidi, Visa

I think political science classes all have one thing in common–they make you feel more learned than you actually are.

A lot of stuff about college does that, actually. But in all reality, although I’ve learned a lot in my time here, most (or even all) of it is so superficial–I haven’t even begun to crack the proverbial shell of knowledge yet (Is that a real proverb? I must have heard it somewhere…), taking my prereqs and electives and whatnot, and trying to pick out my minors way in advance.

I’m a month and a half from finishing my freshman year, and I’m sort of where I want to be. Not quite. A lot of what I’ve done outside of academics is also superficial.

I’m still shopping around–for the things that I will define my experiences around for a little while yet. If you’ve done this before, you probably know how it’s not always fun. Definitely not the continually blissful, liberating experience that it’s shaped up to be. I think I’m nearly done, at least: ready to check out, pay, delve into what I chose.

I’m closing this year out well, but what I’m really excited for is the next.

I came, I saw, I went shopping.

(I didn’t come up with the phrase, by the way. And it’s a stretch right now. Sonofanut.)

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