[KOR – ENG Translation] 심규선 (Lucia) – 오필리아 (Ophelia)

I’ve had this one sitting in Drafts for probably 3 or 4 years now. Just came across it again and figured I should touch up the translation.

Lucia is one of my favorite lyricists. Her language is poetic and dramatic, and though sometimes it pushes the boundaries between emotional and hammy – like this one – her words have never felt fake. Her more recent work is even better, bearing a sublime gravity steeped in traditionalism, but her 2010-2015 era lyrics still stand up well.

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[KOR – ENG Translation] 한희정 (Han Hee-jung) – 비유 (Metaphor) (Feat. 김사월 (Kim Sa-wol))

I’m very much looking forward to Han Hee-jung’s upcoming album. There’s a certain chilliness to her solo work that Casker’s music doesn’t, and her language is ever so intentional.

The three pre-release singles we’ve gotten so far have been sublime. “Metaphor”‘s stark strings and a fitting Kim Sawol appearance make it the most striking of the bunch, and I think its lyrics – phasing between thought and feeling, structure and instinct – leave a unique aftertaste.

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[KOR – ENG Translation] AOA – 10 Seconds

As an idol-group song, this one already has a lot of fan translations floating around for it. I often find things to nit-pick about various color-coded lyrics and the like, so this is my take on it.

I actually missed “10 Seconds” when it came out, only discovering it a couple years after release. It’s quickly become my favorite AOA track, and a prime example of girl-group R&B done tastefully and cleanly.

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