August 4th.

Weary, tired, anxious, still taking baby steps
Was I, when we met in bond so closely to be kept
And though I would not say that I’m completely free,
Your vibrant soul was the breath that rescued me

Who induced me to wait daily for
A moment coming twice a day, no more?
I once said to you, in no simple haste,
that if the President of the United States
was in the same room, I wouldn’t care
That I’ll still wish with you; like a prayer
If airplanes in the night sky really were shooting stars,
Their wishes that day still would have nothing on ours

Tell me how, our elaborate nicknames
Our labor in pick-up games
(You know what I’m trying to claim)
The bad reception that we overcame
The shared communion cup, one and the same
The prose we used to write, in noble aim
That Christmas, with chopsticks and bears and exclaims
Tell me how you made it all so worthy of a frame?

Through you I relived
The memories of this someone
Who had been through so much, had fought, had won
And still fuller of life than anyone, bar none.
Through you I understood
A love that makes the world go round,
The kind based on a smile, not a frown
The love with which you surround us around.

You touch the lives of many, and not one’s ill-disposed;
How you do all that which you do, I can only suppose.
I know it matters not, what the world tries to hurl;
For you have a heart bigger than all of that world.

So thank you, for having touched my life
For being the best friend that I could ever ask for
For putting up with my imperfection, my faults
For still choosing to be in my life, and letting me be in yours

For ignoring the lack of rhyme in these last lines!