The K-Pop 100: Idol Group Songs – #40~#31

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40. F(x) – 피노키오 (Pinocchio – Danger)

F(x) - Pinocchio

From Pinocchio (2011)
Label: SM Entertainment
Composition: Alex Cantrall, Jeff Hoeppner, Dwight Watson
Writing: Kenzie, Misfit
Arrangement: Hitchhiker
Links: music video, audio, live

We knew F(x) was weird, but “Pinocchio” showed us their weirdness could be coherent. The group’s utter disregard for narrative structure and sense continued here, but in a package that was more accessible than “NU ABO” and against much stronger musical backdrop. The lyrics could be interpreted to be unassuming, chilling or preferably both. Individual performances, like Luna‘s childish delight, brought the unlikely theme to life. This song was the first true glimpse at F(x)’s immense potential, and we haven’t been disappointed since.

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Top 100 (Korean) Songs of the Decade: #70~61

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70. Crash – Crashday
Album: The Paragon of Animals
Release: 8-9-2010

Thrash metal band Crash have always been innovators in their field–at one point, they even attempted a techno-based metal sound. Returning after nearly a decade of hiatus, it appears that Crash decided to return to its roots. “Crashday” is more than a little thrash–it goes somewhat heavier, but the influence is there nonetheless. The immediately noticeable element is the technical excellence of the sound being offered here. The intricate guitars are equally richly placed in both the melody and the riff, and the explosive drums never rest for a beat in their tremolo. The song’s plethora of melodies and solos seamlessly merge, its wildly varying acts and sections flowing naturally. Vocalist and guitarist Ahn Heung-Chan growls, shouts and sings equally effectively, the latter as well-placed oases in the barrage of sound, and guitarist Yun Du-Byoung contributes ear-popping solos. The quality of the work speaks for itself: this took a lot of effort and careful composition. It took a return of the masters at the top of their form for the first truly satisfying metal track in years to emerge.

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