Welcome – my name is Jung. I started this blog in 2010 as an outlet to practice writing. It’s still nominally an “anything goes” blog, but much of my writing revolves around K-pop and the broader Korean music scene.

I started writing for Hellokpop as a reviews specialist in 2011 and continue to be active there. You can check out my album reviews, musician interviews, and year-end compilations here, and an index of reviews here. My writing has also been featured in Just Seoul magazine (1, 2) and the Borneo Post (1, 2), as well as quoted in Wired. I have also penned annual guest posts for the Indieful ROK blog for a few years.

There’s a lot of other things I’d like to write about – football, academic and everyday economics, and faith, for starters. I am usually writing on something, though I only post once in a blue moon.

Offline, I am an economist at a consulting firm. My academic research areas are the economics of immigration and science & innovation, and as a consultant I apply econometrics and analytics to labor, urban and transportation issues. My professional webpage is here, and I tweet once in a blue moon here.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Not sure how active you are on this site anymore but I was really hoping you can help me with some very vague details. I used to be in a tae kwon do class and we used to play this one Korean (kpop) song that I really want to find but cannot at all. It was very fast paced and there was a dance with it (if that helps). Some of the lyrics go like this and hopefully you can help me!

    “Awaaaaaaaaaa awaday badi baaaa a woo pa ra in yaaaa a woo pa raaaaa in yaaaaaaaa”.

    Very fast paced song, NEED to find it for some nostalgia. We listened to it in like 2004 but I’m not sure if it was before this decade. Thanks if you can help, you’d be a life saver. Its a kick ass song.

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