[KOR – ENG Translation] 한희정 (Han Hee-jung) – 비유 (Metaphor) (Feat. 김사월 (Kim Sa-wol))

I’m very much looking forward to Han Hee-jung’s upcoming album. There’s a certain chilliness to her solo work that Casker’s music doesn’t, and her language is ever so intentional.

The three pre-release singles we’ve gotten so far have been sublime. “Metaphor”‘s stark strings and a fitting Kim Sawol appearance make it the most striking of the bunch, and I think its lyrics – phasing between thought and feeling, structure and instinct – leave a unique aftertaste.

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[영-한 번역] 빌리 아일리시 – You Should See Me In a Crown

요즘들어 많이 듣고 있는 곡이다. 경악스런 뮤비와는 달리 가사는 의외로 무난한(?) 편. 섬뜩하게 연출하려 한 흔적이 곳곳에 보이지만, 괴기스러움보다는 오히려 후렴의 당당한 패기가 돋보인다.

스러지는 듯한 빌리의 가창도 흠잡을 데 없지만, 프로듀싱이 정말 일품이다. 후렴에서 훅 들어오는 워블베이스가 일단 한 방 먹여주고, 마치 보컬과 그림자처럼 함께 움직이는 묵직한 스트링 신스도 압권. 사실 이 두가지 요소만 있는 첫 후렴이 제일 마음에 든다. 이후 반복되는 후렴부터는 뒷편에 신스 반주가 희미하게 울리기 시작하면서 살짝 가벼워지는 느낌.

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[KOR – ENG Translation] AOA – 10 Seconds

As an idol-group song, this one already has a lot of fan translations floating around for it. I often find things to nit-pick about various color-coded lyrics and the like, so this is my take on it.

I actually missed “10 Seconds” when it came out, only discovering it a couple years after release. It’s quickly become my favorite AOA track, and a prime example of girl-group R&B done tastefully and cleanly.

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[영-한 번역] 케이티 – Remember (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign)

한글 가사를 영어로 번역하는 건 취미로 (+ 리뷰를 쓰다 보니) 몇년째 해오고 있지만, 최근에는 영어로 된 가사를 한글로 옮기는 일에도 흥미가 붙기 시작했다. 한->영과는 또 다른 감각을 요하는 작업이라 연습이 많이 필요할 것 같지만 틈틈이 하다보면 늘지 않을까. 앞으로는 가끔씩 블로그에도 올려보는 걸로.

일단 이번엔 익숙한 케이팝의 범주 내에서, 케이티 김의 “Remember”에 도전. 나온지 1년이 지난 지금도 좋아하는 곡인데, 청자를 압도하는 편곡만큼이나 가사도 임팩트가 강하다고 생각한다. 특히 툭툭 던지는 듯한 후렴구.

(케이티의 2절이 존재하는 원판과 2절 대신 타달싸가 피처링으로 참여한 리믹스의 가사를 합쳐보았다. 근데 피처링 가사랑 이질감이…)

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On the Yves of OT12: A Retrospective of Loona Teasers

If you pay attention to K-pop, you may have heard of a group called Loona, or “이달의 소녀”. If you’re unfamiliar, this is a girl-group project that started in 2016, debuting its 12 members one at a time each with her own single and also promoting them across three subunits. This pre-debut process is now concluded, and on August 7 the full group is set to release its first single – that’s less that 24 hours from now, at time of posting. (I’ve also written about the group a few times for Hellokpop.)

Following this project has been a great ride, and I thought that it might be fun to do a little retrospective through Loona’s already eventful history so far. Now, people have done this already for albums and songs, but I’m not sure that we’ve ever really looked at the history of Loona’s teasers in one place.

Teasers can be a crucial tool for garnering interest in new acts, and Loona and BBC are somewhat special in that they’ve had two years of very frequent practice in making and using them. Under the direction of Digipedi, the group has put out some excellent teasers over this time: some are aesthetically pleasing, others are hype-inducing, and still a few more dip deeply into Loona’s burgeoning background lore.

So let’s turn the clock back to 2016, and track the path of Loona’s teasers to the present.

By my count Loona have put out 36 “content” teasers as of August 6, 2018. I’m excluding the LoonaTV arc teasers, since those are not polished for promotion, and also excluding things like album previews that have no visual element. Finally, the V App versions of the teasers didn’t seem like they merited separate inclusion.

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